Grameen Veolia Water Ltd has partnered with ESSEC-IIES and Drishti Research Centre to get an in-depth understanding of the local residents’ habits and adapt its services to their needs as the project unfolds.See link   


Within weeks of the water treatment plant being operational, the Grameen Veolia team realized that the initial enthusiasm shown by local residents was not translating into sales of water. In 2009, it became clear that the creation of a rural market for drinking water was more complicated than what had been expected.
Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. solicited the help of an anthropologist, Thérèse Blanchet, founder of one of Bangladesh’s most renowned research centers, the Drishti Research Center (DRC). A first research was carried out in 2010. Following the findings and recommendations of the report, a "social welfare team" was set up. Five auxiliaries proactively engaged with the local population, disseminating water and health messages and listening to their needs. The work of this team was instrumental to the successful development of the project. Between October 2011 and May 2012, the number of Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. user households almost tripled.
This succession of research and action proved central to the success of the project, bringing in a complementary anthropological perspective to the technical work of Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. It allowed the company to learn and adjust its ways of working as the project was being rolled out.

IIES (Institute for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship) is an academic center of ESSEC, one of the French leading Business Schools. As part of its research program dedicated to Base of the Pyramid (BoP) / Social Business (SB) approaches, IIES is supporting Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. with methodological and management tools to better monitor the project and measure its social impact. It is also exploring research questions to deepen the global knowledge on Social Business models and use Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. as a laboratory for social innovation.

Grameen - Veolia's Scientific Committee

Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. has set up a so- called Scientific Committee composed of academics, international organizations, NGOs, social enterprises and Bangladeshis Government bodies. It aims at advising Grameen Veolia Water Ltd. team to improve this social business project; it also enables members to share new technical and social engineering to further solve the issues of access to safe water for all in Bangladesh.


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